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Lohan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Press 3 lt, 3000 ml

Lohan extra virgin olive oil is produced from centuries-old special type olive trees of Kilis region.

Our olive trees are unique to the Kilis region and the youngest one is 40 years old, even some of them reached today from the Ottoman period.Its taste comes from Kilis soil and centuries-old olive trees.

Kilis olive oil olives have entered the world olive literature and known as having the highest oil yield. There is an average of 33% fat yield in it.

There is no chemical intervention in Kilis because the harmful insects called olive cypress are not that much harmful to the olive trees.In Kilis, the use of medicine in olive production is a quite minority.Our olive oil is produced under 27 C, 2 phase technological system, Cold press method.In November and December, our ripe olives are gathered before they touch to soil. Without delay, it is taken directly to the factory and tightened.

In high-tech two-phase olive oil squeezing center, without getting touched we get this healthy olive oil. Our olive oils’ acid values are between 0.5%-0.7%.

In Lohan Extra Virgin Olive, vitamins and phenolic components are at the highest level.

Lohan Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the olive tree by directly squeezing from the fruit and there isn’t any chemical treatment in this process. 

Lohan Olive Oil is a brand in Kilis olive oil.In the honey yellow color, with its own fresh olive flower smell, with pleasant aroma left to you, you can add it to salads and all your hot cold meals.

Olive and olive oil are the miracles of nature with its unique smell and quality.

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